Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Changing Seasons

As the summer begins to fade and fall slowly creeps in, we are grateful for the cooler weather, the change in vegetables and the excitement of the next season. We continue to go to markets, hoping that people will come and see what pumpkins, gourds and greens we will have in the coming months. Farmers are working hard in the fields and are able to stay longer, now that the heat is fading. Staff are preparing for program evaluations, the beginning of English classes and planning already for next year. Farmers are harvesting sweet potatoes and talking about when to plant garlic. The transition to fall is beginning, but we are trying to stay present with this season. Change is upon us, and we are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring.

Come and see us at markets this month, while you can still get fresh produce that is grown by refugee farmers right here in Kansas City!

Monday, May 23, 2016

It Begins!

This weekend New Roots started the market season! CSA friends came and picked up produce from their farmers. Farmers connected with customers from last year and new farmers made their first sales. We are so grateful for the volunteers who are joining us this season on early Saturday mornings and weekday nights. We couldn’t do it without them!

Come out and visit our farmers starting weekday market this week- and if you missed out last weekend, we’ll be out again this weekend! Check out our market page for specific days and times. Hope to see you this week!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation!

Last week was National Volunteer Week and at New Roots we were able to celebrate with many of our volunteers who work tirelessly to help refugee farmers become more self-sufficient every year! We gathered our English tutors together to talk about how the winter classes went. Tutors were able to share suggestions and resources for future tutors. 

We also enjoyed some delicious snacks and swapped success stories and funny moments. It’s always an adventure with our farmers- and we are so grateful to the volunteers who put in hours of tutoring each week to build up their confidence and English skills as they prepare to sell their vegetables at market.

For the past several months, Catholic Charities and Somali Bantu Foundation of Kansas have partnered with the Boy Scouts of America on a collaboration project for the Somali Bantu Community Garden in Kansas City, KS. Anthony Hornung selected the garden to be the recipient of his Eagle Scout project this spring. He was able to fundraise in order to purchase supplies and build a fence for the newest portion of the garden, purchase compost to improve the soil for that area and purchase a much-needed weed eater to maintain the property around the garden. It was so great to watch everyone work together to complete the project and new relationships were made between the Boy Scouts and the Somali Bantu gardeners. A huge THANK YOU to the Boy Scouts for making this happen!

We were also able to celebrate with one of our volunteers, Mary Gillespie, as she was named the Wyandotte County United Way Volunteer of the Year by Catholic Charities. Mary has been with us for several years, teaching English with the same family for the entirety of her time. The family members have learned to count back change, interact with customers and most importantly, have become more confident in their abilities! She also teaches English classes at Catholic Charities for newly arrived refugees in her spare time. She has done so much to make our program better. Thank you, Mary!