Thursday, June 19, 2008

June Rains and Ethnic Veggies!

We've had so much rain this month! The farm has been really muddy, and I even got the bus stuck in the mud. It took about ten people to push it out! (I wish I had pictures of that day.) The rain has been helping things grow, and we have lots of tomato plants and weeds to prove it.

A farm with a view!
We are working on installing our irrigation system, but for the first few weeks have been using a tank with a pump, hoses and buckets to water.
Thankfully the rain has kept us from carrying too many buckets.
The kids love being outside at the farm!

Yesterday we had a meeting with Ted Carey from K-State about trialing ethnic vegetables at the New Roots Farm. Katherine and Ted presented pictures of different crops and asked the women about their history with them- have they grown them in their country of origin? do they cook with them? do they think that Americans would buy the vegetable at the Farmer's Market? We will be growing three ethnic crops this summer and more next summer. Look for unfamilliar vegetables at the New Roots tent at the Brookside Farmers Market and give them a try.

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