Friday, July 11, 2008

Quindaro Festival and Good-Bye Ami!

It's been another full week at the New Roots Farm. Is it already Friday? This week we started laying down drip line irrigation, which will be a huge time and water saver.

Aye Aye and Ami making it happen!

I am terribly sad to announce that today is Ami's last day at the farm. She is an intern from Grinnell College who has been an incredible help this summer. She has been giving it her all, and I can proove it!

See what I mean? Duct Tape Irrigation Blisters. Oh man. We will miss you terribly! Good Luck with everything.

Tomorrow, we will have a booth at the Quindaro Community Unity Festival. We will be selling some vegetables and meeting neighbors. Come see us! Here is the information:

Quindaro Community Unity Festival

Quindaro Blvd between 17th and 18th Streets

Kansas City KS 66101


12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

This is an event to celebrate the community's vibrancy with friends and well-wishers. "An Opportunity for Community Unity" will have information on health, education, and economic development. All this and live music, games, competitions, vendors, and activities for the children!

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  1. nice pic! it has been a blast working on this project. i really am going to miss the farm and the women and all the wonderful people who are making it happen.

    :) ami