Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Garden that Harvests, Garden of Hope

The past few weeks we've been oh so busy harvesting, planting and cooking! Here are a few pictures from last week's harvest...

Beautiful Aye Aye and her Chin Bom (really sour Thai green that has become popular at the farmer's market).
Dena and Pay Lay love swiss chard, and each other.
Isha can carry so much on her head.
The africans are amazing at harvest, because they can get it all in a few trips.

Last night was our Garden of Hope Cooking class. It was so much fun. The participants were all really lovely people, the energy was suprisingly high for a Tuesday night, and the food was delicious!

Check out some pictures...
In case you missed it, here is just a taste of what we made...
homemade fresh pickles with New Roots cumumbers!
Tomato Mozarella salad with our oh so sweet Brandywine Heirloom's

We finished it off with berry patch puff pastry dessert with chocolate mint.


  1. Did you just say chocolate mint? My favorite combo. Good work on all this!

  2. I've been trying to get a name for those "chin bom" herbs forever.

    Any chance Aye Aye knows how to write the name of the herb in neatly written Thai script? And has a moment to do so? (That maybe you wouldn't mind taking a picture of and posting?)

    That might help me search for more information about it on Google. I haven't had any luck searching either by the Hmong name I got for it up in Minnesota or by your rendering of the Thai name. :-( :-( :-( :-(

    Katie in MN