Monday, August 18, 2008

Harvest, Wonderful People and a Blog Raffle!

It's been a great few weeks at New Roots. The harvest went really well on Friday. We are all learning so much! The first harvest took us 8 hot hours, and last week we increased production and had trimmed our time down to 5 hours.
The market was oh so lovely. The weather was a perfect 85 degrees and the customers were friendly and plentiful.

It's Tomato Season! MMMMM. Check out Dena's yummy tomatoes from market
this past week. Makes my mouth water just looking at them!
The New Roots Farm is about more than just refugees. Loads of folks have community plots over at the farm, and I don't think I've ever mentioned them here on the blog. Here is a picture of the YouthBuild group. They have been dilligently taking care of six plots together. I stopped over at their plots this morning, and it looked great!
Brandon is another community gardener who was actually the first to plant in his plot. He has been a friendly face to have around this summer and is oh so helpful.
In addition to the community garden members, we've been blessed by an army of incredibly dedicated volunteers. Here is Elisa and Hawo together at the market. Elisa helps us out during every field walk and has even talked her husband into helping us at the market.
Here is Rudy (who is at the market every Saturday) helping Pelagie weigh and calculate.
This is Walt helping Halima and Hawo. He is a great presence at the market.

Our CSA Members are another great addition to the New Roots Community. They provide consistant income for our growers and recieve a delicious bag of whatever is in season. Here is CSA Member Maria Conradt with Dena.

Sheila Christiansen subscribes to Aye Aye's produce. Here they are making the transaction!
Whew! Look at all that love!
This final picture is a reminder from Marion and I to sign up for the Garden of Hope Cooking Class Fundraiser. See previous blog post for more details, or shoot me an email if you have any questions! I hope that lots of you can make it out, its sure to be a fun night.

One More Thing: I've been wondering if people read this blog. Do you read it? Here's how I'm going to find out...

The name of every person who comments on this post will be entered into a raffle for one of our sweet New Roots for Refugees canvas tote bags. On August 25th, I will announce the winner on the blog. That person will then email me their mailing address and I'll send it out. Cool? So do it! (and don't forget to check back on the 25th to see if you've won!)


  1. Good idea on the raffle. One of my Mass. buddies told me over the weekend that she's checked in on New Roots through the blog. Hope to find out that tons of folks are reading it. Keep up the good work!

  2. I read too....I suspect if I win the tote Halima will be more than happy to help me fill it with MORE of her great produce!

  3. I'm a reader! And Sharisa's Sister! WOOT WOOT New ROOTS!

  4. big fan of the new roots. I'd love to have me a tote bag...

  5. rachel suzanne- it's such a small world. I know Marion through some of the sisters she lives with- nice to see her smiling face through the wonders of blogging (although I wish I saw more of her in person). Blessings.
    Rachael Mary.

  6. i read it! and i miss the garden! looking forward to getting some goods at the market tomorrow, and a bag would be a wonderful addition! :)

  7. i read! i do! and i also covet those awesome totes...

  8. what an cool idea, and definatly the best blog ever

  9. Hi Rachel! I love your blog! The pictures are really great! I think that is Maria Conrod with Dena, though, and Shiela Christianson with Aye Aye :)
    Keep up the great work! I'll try to bring some bags to the market this weekend.

  10. I read the article in the KC Star this morning and wanted to check out the blog for "New Roots for Refugees". Looks great.