Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Juniper Garden's Farmer's Market

We'll be starting our on site Farmer's Market this Monday!
The neighborhood where our farm is located is what's called a "food desert," meaning there isn't access to good, nutritious food anywhere around. The nearest grocery store is more than a mile away (which doesn't seem like a lot... but imagine walking with your grocery bags for a mile!) and the bus takes over an hour to get there. We are hoping to offer delicious, organic produce right from the farm. After all, people who watch yummy tomatoes grow should be able to eat them, right? The on-site market will also be an opportunity for community gardeners to sell whats in their plots to their neighbors.
We are looking for ways to make this market more accessible, which includes accepting food stamps. A wireless acceptor (which could accept food stamps and depit cards) costs around $1,300. Does anyone want to take this fundraising project on for next year?
Stop by the Juniper Garden's Farmer's Market on Mondays from 12:00 to 1:30!


  1. this is wonderful! what a blessing to the community.

  2. Just moved here from Austin Texas, and fund raising can be done with the help of music and crafts.

    Get a venue to have traditional World Music or whoever will donate their time, along with booths, bake sales, etc...

    I'll be glad to help...


    I bought Okra Sat holding a small dog.