Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can you help us?

We're getting busy thinking about next market season. Our Market fees are paid (thanks to a generous donation!), the seeds are ordered and we're fixin' to get into the greenhouse. As we've been thinking about this next season, we've been thinking about stuff we're gonna need. Like everyone else, our budget is tight tight tight! Do you have any of the following items sitting around your house? Would you be willing to purchase some on our behalf? Or hit up a couple of thrift stores?

Let me know if you do! Any help would be awesome. (And we can get you a tax reciept!)

kitchen or utility knives for harvesting
scissors for harvesting greens (kitchen scissors preferred)
plastic grocery store bags for market
folding tables for the Juniper Market
folding chairs
Laminating sheets (11.5" x 9")
big cooler for CSA bags
colored copy paper for flyers
Baskets (all sizes)
table cloths
gallon-size ziploc bags
dry-erase markers
blue 10-gallon size tote bins from Target
gardening tools (hand tools, hoes, spade forks, utility wagon)
accordion-style expandable file folders (for our clients to organize their paperwork)

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