Friday, February 27, 2009

February Update

We started working in KCCUA's Community Greenhouse at the beginning of February. Our first step was mixing soil. I have such vivid memories from mixing soil last year- it was our first hands on experience with all the growers together. I could sense their excitment as everyone took turns (fought) for the shovel. Everyone was eager to stomp the peat moss and get a little dirty. This year was no different, and it was awesome to see experienced soil mixers
helping our new growers along.
Here is Pay Lay (a second year farmer) and Beh Paw (a first year famer) mixing soil. They are sisters from the same refugee camp in Thailand.

Here we are starting garlic! Mmmmmmmm. I'm getting hungry already.

Hawo was pretty excited about starting her garlic.
Our Market English classes started in January. Participants attend on Monday and Friday morning at the Catholic Charities office. Classes focus on the basics: recognizing coins and bills, adding money, using the calculator, making change, weighing vegetables and the names of vegetables in English.

Rukia has been practicing the names of coins (we have a little song that we all sing, "penny, nickel, dime, quarter") and bills for weeks. It's tricky!

Pelagie is working really hard on using the calculator. When we started, she had a hard time even recognizing numbers, so she has come a long way.

Beh Paw and Rukia practice being farmer's market customers and farmers!
Beh Paw is selling Rukia a big cabbage.

Marion, our faithful bus driver/rock picker/English teacher, works with the women on memorizing the names of vegetables. Everyone's favorite to say is "Brussel Sprouts!"
If you are interested in volunteering with our ESL program, let me know.

While the Catholic Charities team is busy working on human development, the KCCUA team is working on our land. We've got truck loads of composted leaves ready to spread, goat manure and chicken manure on the way, seeds are ordered and we're starting to envision our irrigation system. It's all happening!
Blessings from all of us at New Roots.

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  1. What an awesome program! Will New Roots be at the KC foodcircle's Farmer's Expo this year?