Monday, October 19, 2009

Update of the Century (or the season...)

So, its been awhile. I've been absent from the blogging world. Internet time has been sparse and I lost the freakin' USB cord for the camera. But we're back in business now. We've been truckin' through market season and now that things are slowing down I've got some time to update you on how this year turned out and what we've been up to.
Let's backtrack...

In June, we were a part of the Kansas City Urban Farm Tour put on by KCCUA. This sweet event connected eaters with the multiple expressions of food production in KC; home gardens, urban homesteads, educational and charitable gardens, and urban farms. It was a blast. We had several hundred visitors out to the farm, our farmers sold some veggies, Angela Greene and the Salt of the Earth Youth Market Gardeners were out in full force and we had a few stellar performances by the Gateway Steppers.

Our lovely ticket takers, Sarah and Marion

Aye Aye sold hats and veggies.

Gateway Steppers!

Pelagie and sweet Suzana Gusave watch the excitement.

At the end of June we got a massive load of straw to mulch our fields. This helped cut down on weeds and added organic matter to our soil. Every little bit helps. It was such an exciting day. We had great help from the YouthBuild crew who unloaded it and helped us carry it to our plots. Thanks, YouthBuild!
We started selling at the Wenesday Overland Park market at the beginning of July. We welcomed 4 new farmers this year and had to find additional markets for them to sell at. OP was a great home for us this summer- the customers were supportive and excited about organic produce (we were one of two organic vendors) and the other farmers were welcoming.
Ntibi, Mariam and Zawadi are a wonderful Burundian family that specialize in Machicha- Amaranth that is really delicious!

More updates to come!

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