Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Roots Blog Raffle!

Hello New Roots friends! We've got a new look and want to see who is reading our blog. Leave a comment here! I'll put all the names in a hat, and pull out one lucky winner who will receive their choice of either a New Roots tote bag, or a $10.00 gift certificate to spend at any market next year!

I'll do the drawing next Friday, November 13th.

Good Luck!

EDIT: You have to click on the individual post to leave a comment for now. Still working the bugs out :)


  1. Wow! Great new look!

    We cannot wait to sign up for the next season!!

    --The Agne's

  2. Oh I am reading! Bingo.

    moe lunn

  3. iread iread! blog looks fancy.
    -michelle bridges

  4. looking good!

    i thought the pic of the bingo machine was actually one of those fancy turning composters, and i was REALLY excited to win it!

    $10 or a bag is pretty good too. don't get me wrong.