Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank You New Roots CSA Friends!

We had INCREDIBLE CSA members this year. A massive thanks to each and every one of you.
At the beginning of October, the New Roots family shared a meal together- farmers, their families, staff, and our wonderful CSA members. It was really meaningful to spend an evening together trying one another's food. For many of our CSA members, it was ther first time out to the farm and their first time eating Sudanese Nuer food. For many of our farmers, it was their first time trying zuchinni bread!
The Agne's bought a subscription from Kabibi for the summer. It was great to have their whole clan out to the farm. (And great job on the chili!)
Nyakang brought an entire table filled with deliciousness. She brought the entire get-up: table cloths, plates and cups, drinks, and serving gloves. From the smile on her face, you can see that she was excited to share food from her culture. Teresa Van Zant and Toby and Maureen Lunn purchased a CSA from Nyakang for the season.

Kabibi and Zawadi made yummy mchicha! (see post below)

Danielle (Dena's CSA) and Beth (Pay Lay's CSA) are so lovely.

Here is the spread!

A big thanks to Marion and Gina for washing dishes!

One of my favorite parts of the night was after all of the CSA members left. Marion and I looked at each other thinking "how are we ever gonna clean all this up?" All of a sudden all the army you see above jumped into action and cleaned the whole place in approximately 10 minutes. It was amazing. The kids helped take down tents and clean off tables. The teenage girls washed dishes and put up food. The farmers knew where everything went. The farmers showed total ownership of the evening and our farm. I can't wait for the dinner next year.

We'll start CSA sign ups for 2010 in January!

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