Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marketing Workshop

Today's workshop was on selling veggies at market. We all piled into Juniper Garden's Community Center with boxes of veggies and dusted off the tables
and baskets from market season. And by dust, i mean DUST! Our market truck was used this winter to haul some brewery waste for our compost pile, so we've got barley and hops in our baskets, scales and bins! I've gotta clean that thing out, market will be here before we know it.
Katherine started the workshop by impersonating "bad" market farmers; sitting far from your table, legs and arms crossed, not saying hi or smiling. The farmers talked about what makes a market table look good and then set out setting up a fake market to practice these skills.

Zawadi and Pelagie are smiling with full baskets, but didn't stack or layer
their baskets for optimal visibility.

Warren (new affiliate farmer in 2010), Carolyn (sweet neighbor interested in gardening) and Sammie did a great job of layering baskets and assorting colors, but their tablecloth is a little funky.

Dena, Pay Lay, Lay Htoo (new farmer for 2010), Beh Paw and Ray Nay Paw (new for 2010) did a great job assorting colors and stacking but were a little shy!

We're working on it, and have made so much progress over the years. I honestly think that the New Roots stands are some of the most beautiful at the market!

Everyone is looking forward to 2010! We'll be at the following markets:

  • Brookside (63rd and Wornall) Saturdays, 8-1
  • Overland Park (79th just west of Metcalf) Wed. and Sat., 7:30-1
  • KCK Greenmarket at Juniper Gardens (3rd south of Quindaro at the Community Center) Mondays 11:30-1:30

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