Saturday, February 6, 2010

RAPPin' it up and Blizzard of 2010...

Marion and I are in Washington DC for the annual Refugee Agriculture Partnership Program conference. New Roots is largely funded through this grant administered and guided by a partnership between ISED and ORR. This gathering happens every year and involves other grantees working with refugees in agriculture. We've been here since Wednesday night talking about challenges and fantastic things going on around the country. I presented on Thursday about the opportunities and struggles that we've faced helping refugee farmers integrate into an urban neighborhood and farmers markets. All of the programs here are really unique based on their location and participant populations. Check out some other RAPP projects:
At New Roots we've been thinking about the next step of our program process- we've got interested folks growing on a small scale and some process and infrastructure in place. We've got a vision of small urban farms and farmsteads throughout NE Kansas City, Kansas. Where do we go from here? This week helped shape our conversation as we move forward.
Also, DC is covered in snow! We were supposed to leave this afternoon, but we'll be here until tomorrow at least. It's beautiful from the 12th floor. We bought a pack of cards at the gift shop and wish we brought snow boots!

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