Monday, March 8, 2010

Seed Packaging

Today we had the final seed packaging meeting. Several of the farmers and staff joined us and we got all of them done! this has been no small task, and it feels very good to have that project finished. Here are all the bins of seeds in the closet of our office, ready to be planted.

Ray Nay Paw was a huge help closing the envelopes and sticking labels on,
Bay Htoo counting out some peas,
Kabibi did so many zucchini,
The whole gang...
Our plants in the greenhouse are also looking fabulous, some of the broccoli is at least four inches high already, and the cabbage and onions are close behind. One of our next projects is to pick rocks from the fields and spread some chicken manure over everything.
we'll keep you posted for the next exciting events coming up.

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  1. way to go seed packeting team! many hands make light work!