Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Juniper Gardens Farmers Market

The Official Grand Opening of the Juniper Gardens Farmers Market was two weeks ago, and it was fantastic. Through a Farmer's Market Promotion Program grant, we've been able to hire three folks from Juniper Gardens to promote the market. They are doing cooking demos, distributing door hangers, talking to churches and generally spreading the word. They are doing a great job! We're also running a bus route from refugee housing sites to the market. Watch the video below, which was shot just after the bus arrived full of Karen families- excited to buy from their friends, using their foodstamps that had been doubled at the market info booth! Thanks Beans and Greens!

Stop by next week!

Juniper Gardens Farmers Market

Every Monday 11:30-4:00pm

in the 3rd Street Church of God Parking Lot

3rd and Richmond, Kansas City, Kansas 66101

When customers use food stamps, they come to the market info booth and get tokens to spend with the farmers. At the end of the day, farmers come and cash in their tokens and get a check cut in their name. These farmers are happy counting their hard earned tokens.

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  1. Awesome! I have GOT to get to the Monday market!