Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marketing Workshop

Today's marketing workshop was the first one of 2011. Before we know it, we'll be planting, then harvesting, then marketing! It's all coming quickly again this year. For the workshop, we purchased bulk veggies from the city market and practiced setting up vegetabes on the tables.

Durga, first year farmer from Bhutan, did a great job for her first time!

Fourth year farmer, Khadijo, pretended to be a customer.

Soe Myint and San Dar are first year farmers too.

Second year farmer, Lay Htoo, pretended to be a customer for them.

We also talked about things not to do at the market. :)
Third year farmer, Nyakang, did a GREAT job of being a TERRIBLE marketer.
She crossed her arms, and set her table up all crazy.

Beh Paw also set up one of the "bad" examples. She is talking on the phone, ignoring customers and her table is in total chaos. Check out the table cloth.

Lay Htoo and Bay Htoo's table looked great.
Many of our farmers, staff and translators.
Can't wait to sell you our tasty veggies soon!

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