Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Love Drip Irrigation!

From coordinating markets and recruiting CSA members to greenhouse plantings and packaging seeds, the New Roots farmers and staff have been busily preparing for the upcoming growing season. Broccoli, cabbage, collards & kohlrabi are all sprouting in the greenhouse. Onions are hardening off in our new hoop house and are ready for transplanting – just waiting for the ground to dry out a bit.

While the beds out at the farm might be saturated and soggy today, come mid-summer the sun-baked earth will be rendered inhospitable to thirsty roots unless we irrigate. Which brings us to a unique challenge associated with urban farming: water bills! While our rural counterparts have the luxury of land on which to build irrigation ponds, we rely primarily on city water.

Drip irrigation is a huge water saver & once set-up, requires virtually none of a farmer’s time to utilize. While most of the New Roots farmers bring with them a significant wealth of agricultural experiences, drip irrigation is often a new method for them. For this reason we gratefully accepted an invitation to visit Greely Gardens, a nearby sustainable urban farm, for some hands-on drip irrigation experience. Thank you Warren for the wonderful workshop!

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