Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eating Seasonally through the Winter

For many of us trying to eat seasonally, what is easy in July is daunting in December. However, for the well prepared eater, the exact opposite is true!

Hot & creamy heirloom tomato soup served with a grilled cheese (plenty of local options for this one!) sandwich doesn't sound so delicious as we sweat away today, but most of us will feel differently come a cozy winter afternoon 6 months from now.

New Roots supporters can all agree that fresh, organically grown food tastes better. So let us face this winter challenge together. Food preservation is making a comeback & with some basic tools it is accessible to everyone. The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning is a great starting point – from the simplicity of freezing green beans (blanch 3 minutes, drain, and seal in a freezer bag!) to the artfulness of canned salsas & chutney. Not only will you eat well, but canned goods make an inexpensive, thoughtful gift come the holiday season.

For those wanting a little extra guidance I recommend the BADSEED homesteading classes. And don't forget your local extension agents. These accessible experts may be reached here.

Whether you are a regular at market or a New Roots CSA member, I recommend stocking up this summer. Your chilly winter afternoons will be richer & your dollars will have been spent supporting a local family as opposed to leaving our community. It's win-win!

CSA members, be sure to contact Emily or your farmer if you would like to place a bulk order. As CSA friends you are eligible for a wholesale price when purchasing items in bulk!

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