Monday, August 22, 2011

Farewell New Roots!

A little market lovin' at Juniper Gardens. Beh Paw and I.

This summer flew by, and as I am sitting here writing this and processing this summer's experience with New Roots, I can't help but already feel nostalgic. This summer's experience was rich, filled with many learning moments within the Nonprofit sector and several deep friendships I am sad to leave today. I was the girl updating twitter, facebook, photos, the website, and newsletter, which was a joy to update our supporters on exciting happenings at our farm. I appreciate the freedom Rachel gave me to form my summer role into what I envisioned; a little taste of everything. From going to market, filling out sale records, e-mailing, being at the farm, booking interpretors, taking pictures, and even laminating name tags; I loved it all. I wanted my first experience in a Nonprofit to consist of a little of everything, and it was perfectly fitting to spend a couple hours in the office and the rest of the time engaging in friendships with the people a part of the program. I grew a deeper understanding of the lives of newly placed refugees. The language barriers and cultural differences that became frustrating at times when trying to balance a life in America while still clinging to the roots of their culture. I learned a little Swahili and Karen and laughed more times then I can recall. Actions spoke louder then words throughout the summer (with verbal communication being a hindrance at times) and all those actions were done so in love for one another. I will deeply miss trips to the bank, Ma Than's pranks, Pelagie's hand painted t-shirts, the taste of fresh sweet tomatoes, Rachel and Emily's guidance, and all the other beautiful people within the New Roots community I got to know. Thanks for a wonderful summer, I admire all of those who are supporters of the New Roots program through facebook, twitter, CSA, and the community. I can assure you your time, energy, and support is being spent wisely :) Keep it up!

With Love,
Tori Litardo

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