Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Support Local Businesses that Buy from New Roots Farmers!

New Roots farmers enter the program with a significant amount of agriculture experience. Growing up in agrarian societies, cultivating the land is a natural extension of their culture. Many of these farmers have experience selling produce as well. So while American farmers’ markets are a little different to most, they aren’t completely foreign either. Other marketing outlets however, like wholesaling can be a little trickier for these farmers to navigate.

This year we have been able to expand our wholesaling markets, working with advanced farmers on all aspects of the exchange from invoicing to pricing and communication. This is new for us, and we are grateful to have a community of buyers willing to support us during this learning phase. Not only are they making an effort to buy local, but they are making an extra effort to work with refugees, teaching them about local marketing options. We will occasionally be featuring these fantastic local delights on our blog, so check them out!

We want to give a big friendly shout-out to restaurateur Todd Schulte, of Genessee Royale Bistro in the Stockyard District, and Happy Gillis in Columbus Park. He has been buying New Roots produce regularly all season, often featuring it at Genessee Royale’s monthly Grill Dinners.

Both Genessee Royale & Happy Gillis are less than 5 miles from the farm – which means ultra-fresh food on your plate! So take a break from cooking this week & support local businesses that share your same values of buying local, sustainable food from New Roots farmers.

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