Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Workshops Underway!

Workshops are a big part of our education program at New Roots. Throughout the winter months, we offer both farming specific English Language classes and classes focused on vegetable production and marketing. Farmers are required to attend these workshops to sign a land lease with us for space at the training farm. The workshops can get a little chaotic- yesterday's session on planting was translated into Nepali, Karen, Burmese, Maay Maay and Kirundi. They are also really rich- yesterday we spent time talking about the ways that people plant seeds all over the world.

To start off, our fearless horti-cultural-ist, Cathy B gave a pictorial powerpoint
on direct seeding and planting transplants.

Afterwards, we talked about measurement systems that we use in the US and introduced the inch and the foot. (Tell me again, why are we the only ones in the world that use this system!)

We used the rulers to talk about seed spacing. The Karen farmers showed us how they plant cucumber seeds staggered, 3 at a time.

First year farmer, Upendra, and Cathy B talk about planting cucumber and okra seed. We'll be planting before we know it!

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