Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Join a New Roots CSA?

Annual activities include the CSA Open
House (above) as well as volunteer work
days, and an end-of-season potluck! 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are a unique model of direct farmer-to-eater marketing where members build a partnership with one farmer.  This gives the eater (you!) a chance to interact more long-term with the person who is cultivating your food, and the farmer an expanded and reliable market for their produce.  

The New Roots CSA program helps refugees develop long-term relationships with English speaking Americans while developing their small business skills. In addition, by signing up now, you help your farmer plan for the upcoming season, and provide him or her with seed money (literally!) Visit the CSA tab at the top of this page for more information!

We love having CSA friends out to the farm!
Nyakang and Ashley spent an evening together
digging sweet potatoes and taking care of some
fall cleanup in Nyakang's plot.

What do our CSA Friends say about us?

“I recommend this CSA to everyone I know, because the produce is almost as wonderful as the farmers themselves!

 “I feel like I value the produce I prepare for my family more because I know and value the person that grew it.  I like the idea of being connected to my food source and having a relationship with my farmer.”

“I am so used to buying whatever I want at any season of the year. The CSA has brought me back to the sense of the rhythm of the seasons and seasonal produce.  This is the way it was when I was a kid, and there is value in that idea."

For more information or to sign-up contact Emily at elecuyer (at) catholiccharitiesks (dot) org or at 913.906.8941 and let her know which market works best for you!

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