Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Introducing Jhampi, our new Bhutanese Garden Coordinator

I am Jhampi Biswa, the Kansas Bhutanese community garden’s coordinator. I was born in Dagana district in Bhutan on January 11-1981. My father is Thag B. Biswa and my mother is Dil Maya Biswa. I am the elder son of my parents. I have two brothers and one sister, and also I have a wife and two children now.  

My parents were born in Bhutan, and they were farmers there for long time. When I was a small boy 8 years old in Bhutan I used to follow my father when he plowed the field. But later when I was 10 years old, the Bhutanese government started to dominate the Bhutanese Nepali people by forcing Nepali people to wear bakhu and kira all the time (Bhutanese dress). The government wouldn’t allow Nepali people to wear their own cultural dress, that is dohora  suruwal  and fariya  chaubandhi choli. Government burned all the cultural dress and also the government didn’t allow Nepali  people to read and speak the Nepali cultural language anymore in Bhutan.  So I came out from Bhutan to Nepal with my parents .  In Nepal I got a little chance to have an education from CARITAS Nepal (a charity in Nepal). I finished 12th grade there. After that I just started my own business , which was a jewelry shop. I spent half of my life in Nepal. I didn’t get other chances to do anything except the jewelry shop. Then suddenly I got a golden chance to come to the U.S. in the year 2010. I arrived in the U.S. and moved to Kansas City with my family. 

Now I am working at Catholic Charities being the coordinator for the new Kansas Bhutanese community garden (at 14th St. and Allen Ave.--shown behind me in the photo). There will be 27 families working with me in the garden, with one plot for each family. My wife, children, and parents will work with me in one of the garden plots. We are very excited to be able to garden again, and I am so happy to work in Catholic Charities with the Kansas Bhutanese Community.

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