Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friday Farmers' Market at Don Bosco

Markets are in full swing now, with New Roots farmers selling at 10 sites throughout the KC metro area six days a week.  No matter where in KC you live, or what your schedule - there is a market for you!  This week's featured market is the Northeast Farmers' Market at Don Bosco.  This Friday morning market starts with a flurry of activity at 9:30 and runs until 12:30 (or sell out if it's a busy day).  The wide variety of shoppers make this one of the most interesting markets in town.  We have ethnic Asian as well as traditional African veggies along side your well-known American favorites. So stop by and stock up for some fresh weekend meals!

This Beans & Greens market allows shoppers to double their SNAP purchases.

New potatoes, the first of this year's tomatoes, kermit eggplant and okra!

Six New Roots farmers sell at the Don Bosco market,
attracting a diverse mix of shoppers.
This market is less than 5 miles from the farm - can't find a fresher carrot in town!
First year Farmer, Dawt Sung, had the season's first green bean harvest
 last week.  Buy extra to freeze some for the winter!  

Thank you to the African Baptist choir for your live singing and dancing last week! 

Ma Than gave her CSA friend some beautiful flowers!

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