Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The brand-new Bhutanese community garden in full swing!

 It's been a while since the last blog update on the Bhutanese community garden, so it's high time for a few new photos and info!  Just to catch everyone up to speed, here is a little photo progression of what's been happening this spring:
OCTOBER 2011:  The original site at 14th St & Allen Ave, KCK
MARCH 2012:  Jhampi Biswa hired as the garden coordinator

APRIL 2012:  Just a few of the Bhutanese community gardeners.
We have 28 families involved this year!
MAY 2012:  We gained ownership of the land at the end of April,
and quickly got to work developing it into a garden!
First steps included building a fence, then plowing and tilling. 
JUNE 2012:  The irrigation system was completed the first week of June,
and we distributed seeds, tools, compost and transplants to the gardeners.  

JULY 2012: Despite the sweltering heat, everyone's
new plots are looking lush and beautiful. 
Stop by for a visit--you won't believe that this was a vacant lot just a couple months ago!

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