Thursday, April 16, 2015

National Volunteer Week

This week we are celebrating National Volunteer Week! All around the country, people are spending their free time helping others. The Independent Sector announced that the 2014 estimate for the value of a volunteer hour is $23.07- up 2.3% from last year! Though this is a great way to measure the impact of our volunteers, we see the value of our volunteers in more tangible ways. Our farmers improve their English, become more confident interacting with customers at market and receive help with maintaining their farm plots. New Roots for Refugees relies on volunteers throughout the year in many ways. See below for ways that you can get involved this year. Check out the Get Involved page for more information on how to be part of the success of New Roots for Refugees!

Farm Work Days
Juniper Gardens has work days on the first Saturday of each month. Whether it’s a group from your place of worship, business, or you want to come out on your own- we have a job for you at the farm! Contact for more information.

Market Volunteer
New Roots is recruiting summer market volunteers! We're looking for people to help get our farmers to markets and help them set up and interact with customers. If you're looking for a weekly, steady volunteer opportunity this summer and you enjoy farmer's markets and meeting new people, this is the place for you! Contact if you're interested.

ESL Tutor
New Roots farmers recognize that as their English skills improve, so does their business! When markets are finished, we start our winter workshops and English classes. We place volunteers with a small group that meets weekly in a farmer’s home from late fall through early spring. If you are interested in learning more, contact We’ll add you to the list to contact next fall!

Volunteer Your Way!
A great way to support New Roots is using your individual skill set to assist a farmer. If you are a graphic designer, we have graduates who need business logos. If you do taxes for a living, you could lead a workshop on paying sales tax. We've had volunteers show farmers how to keep bees and start mushrooms. Newly graduated New Roots farmers are always in need of grant writers and land researchers, not to mention folks who can come do miscellaneous projects on their newly acquired land. Administrative tasks abound at the office! We welcome people with various skill levels and interests to participate. Contact us for more information.

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