Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gibbs Road Farm Field Trip!

This week’s workshop focused on soil, so we went to Gibbs Road Farm to learn from a local soil expert, Josh Smith. Now that there is a greenhouse at Juniper Gardens, we don’t utilize the larger one at Gibbs Road Farm- so many of the farmers had never been to see it! It was fun to do some hands on learning about crop rotation, planning, high tunnels and perennial crops. Josh was able to show the New Roots farmers the difference in soils around the farm- some that had been planted with cover crop and some that hadn’t. Farmers were able to understand the difference by feeling the clay in one and the dead plant matter in another. This kind of hands on learning is what makes the New Roots program unique- and successful! Josh was able to ask some of the farmers their techniques in saving seeds, too. The morning was full of learning and sunshine, and we are excited for our next field trip! 

Josh, Alicia and New Roots farmers- sharing ideas about seed saving

Red Cabbage in the field
Alicia and Ha Li Mar 

Josh showing New Roots farmers the movable high tunnel- and explaining how it affects soil health

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