Friday, June 5, 2015

Rainy Day Blues

This spring has been a wet one and we are ready for summer! Though we are grateful for the free water, the rains have turned the fields at Juniper into a muddy mess. Several farmers in the KC area are replanting, as many vegetable plants have yellowed and died in their rows. A few days of sunshine can turn it all around, and that is what we are hoping for! Either way, we are still pushing forward with our workshops, markets and harvesting. Even though the weather hasn’t been ideal, we are still harvesting incredibly beautiful greens, onions, carrots, beets and several varieties of radishes! One of our farmers told us that with a day or two of sun, her cherry tomatoes will be ready next week! So, if you haven’t already, come visit us at market any day of the week. We are there rain or shine and ready to sell some high quality produce! Check out what we’ve been up to below.

Khadka and his daughter, Tila selling at Overland Park on Wednesday morning. Rain or shine, we are at markets all around the city selling our produce. Check out our markets page to find one near you!
Even with the rain, farmer Dawt and her daughter Lily are in the field harvesting for market. Check out more about their family on the Meet Your Farmer page! 

This week’s workshop focused on food safety and wholesale, taught by our farm manager extraordinaire, Alicia.

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