Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall is Here!

As the weather shifts to cool mornings and shorter days, we transition from markets and harvesting to English classes, workshops and evaluations. We spend several weeks meeting with farmers to review the sales goals they set for the season, talk about their crops and make a plan for next year. It’s an exciting time of both reflection and dreaming- we spend a lot of time thinking of ways to make our program better. We’ll also be gearing up for our English classes. Tutors meet with small groups of farmers in their homes to practice counting back change, completing wholesale invoices and interacting with customers at market. We are always looking for people who are interested in engaging with farmers in this way, so contact us if you’re interested! In the meantime, we’ve still been having workshops and are finishing out markets. Farmers are cleaning the fields and volunteers are helping with projects around the farm before the first frost comes. We’ll have a fall celebration in a few weeks to culminate the end of the season. Come out and see us! 

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